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Unique Design Studios has developed a freshness of style

that has made a mark in South Florida.  

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I am a Wife, a Photographer, a Bookworm, a Wanderer. Capturing life and light is what drives my work. I am inspired by everything around me. Whether it's the way the sun cascades through a dense canopy or the intricate architecture of a downtown sky scraper. I am both a tree hugger and a city slicker. I live for tiny adventures which vary from laying on a comfy blanket finding shapes in the clouds to searching through little street fairs on Lincoln road for vintage treasures. I can be found prancing around Disney with my Husband more often then Id like to admit but there is nothing like soaking in your childhood in a place where dreams really do come true. I am grateful to be living my dream.


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The girl with a passion for art and a background in production, delicately blends the visual with emotion resulting in an explosion of perfection. I'm a modern, eclectic photographer with an eye for equilibrium and modernism, without overlooking intimacy and uniqueness.  I'm a "hobbyist", who is lucky enough to have made a business out of creating memories while having fun in the process.



My name is Gisel Arosemena  but I go by "Gigi" :-) I believe photography is an art and every image should be crafted and composed completely dependent on the subject – who they are and what they represent. I specialize in newborn, child and family photography. I am a Mommy of four wonderful children (and two beautiful step-daughters) who are my everything and I have them to thank for propelling my photography and career into what it is today.    


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Most dependable, easy going guy you'll ever come across. Leave it to him to capture the groomsmen and bring out their characters effortlessly. Specializing in large weddings, he has documented  love stories for over 10 years & leaves each event having made life long friends.    


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Authentic, passionate & determined. Never one to let a challenge derail my pursuits, I welcome everyone with strong-willed determination. My passion for perfection is unparalleled. Using my keen business mind to propel the dreams of UDS to unprecedented heights. Family & happiness is what I live for.

                                                                                    GRAPHIC DESIGNER |  NICOLE FONSECA
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Design has found a special place in my heart. It's right up there with the things I love most: my family and friends, traveling to new places, eating delicious food, the Canes, my husband and my dog Twister of course. For me there's no greater feeling than discovering the perfect font or achieving an edit I thought would be impossible. I love finding inspiration in places I least expected. Each design brings me a new challenge and I wouldn't have it any other way.
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It's pretty "simple", hand her a scissor (or knife) a glue gun, walk away and when you return (10 mins max) you will discover a masterpiece unlike anything you would have fathomed. Gifted with talent beyond anyone's imagination, Cookie is the Art Director of Art Directors!
Dedicated wife, daughter, student, and administrator to the amazing Unique Design Studios.

Caring and efficient, I pride myself in going above and beyond for each and every client. I recognize that each image our photographers capture immediately becomes a precious artifact, a moment frozen in time, and I look forward to helping you to preserve these once-in-a-lifetime moments with UDS.


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She's quiet, but powerful. Madison is responsible for Blogging and editing our work and showing the world the talent shared by the staff at UDS.

About UDS Photo

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Unique Design Studios has developed a freshness of style that has made a mark in South Florida. Unique Design Studios (UDS) has nurtured an enterprising group of photographers who share youth, technical expertise, zest for life and love for people, children, couples, grandparents, families, each of them a celebrity ready to burst out in fun and originality. Now photographing weddings all over the world, this group of artists have developed a "unique" style that makes them just that...UNIQUE!

Their family portraits and their approach to a wedding, reveal people's beauty because UDS loves people and has a keen eye to capture them candidly, relaxed ...being themselves. UDS captures beauty in a different sense; no posing, no faking it, no wall between the photographer and the subject. The end result is the soul of the person, revealing an inspired expressiveness. Simply put, people being people.

There are no short cuts at UDS, all their work is carefully enhanced and retouched, therefore providing the ultimate in quality. We would be honored to be your memory-maker!

Please feel free to stop by our studio for a tour of our 6 shooting rooms and comfy areas to ensure your experience is unforgettable and simply UNIQUE.