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Let me just tell you girls...AMAZING!!!! I'm sure I don't even have to tell you ;o). I am in LOVE with all my pics!!!! It is going to be VERY difficult making the album because of all the faves! Joe and I were just in awe! This will not be the last time you see us! You guys are now family. I am obsessed! LOL! . I Love You girls! Thank you for capturing sooo many BEAUTIFUL pics of our special day. You guys ROCK!!! XOXOXOXOXO!

Hello Karla. Good morning to you and Maylin and everyone on the UDS Team. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincerest and deepest gratitude. I knew that by putting our faith and trust with you guys we wouldn't be disappointed.. Quite frankly, you exceeded our expectations, and captured every detail of what was one of the best days of my life!!! Again, words can not express how impressed and grateful we are with the quality,creativity, and sheer brilliance of your work. You truly have a god-given talent that you have perfected and I am honored that you captured the essence of this day.

Again, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lauren & Joe

WOW! It is impossible to find words to express how much we love and adore our wedding photos. They are utterly beautiful! YOU guys were able to capture the memories and emotions that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives. Even though i was extremely ill with a 103 degree fever, you would never be able to tell. I can’t thank you enough for that.

We went to many photographers to capture the most important days of our lives. We knew right away after speaking with you and seeing your work that you were the ones without a doubt in our mind.

YOU have exuberant natural raw talent that is limited to few people and God has blessed you incredibly. We will definitely use you guys for all of the many exciting adventures we have yet to come across in the beginning of our lives together. YOU ARE AMAZING! if you are ever in Naples give us a call and we will all go to dinner. WE love you guys very much and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Much Love and Respect, Allana and Carlos

Martha, Amazing pictures! You have made Jeff and I speechless. Your work is outstanding. We are very glad that we chose you as our photographer. You obviously have a gift from God. BTW Jeff says he is practicing for the wedding. LOL!

Thank you for everything. You have made us very happy. Love, Jenny and Jeff

First of all, this note to you is WAY overdue! Since the wedding, life has been a whirlwind with respect to getting back to the daily grind, kids’ activities, birthday parties, First Communions, etc. I just got tired again typing that list! Kristi and I wanted to reach out to you and your husband to let you know that you both made our wedding weekend such a memorable event … words cannot describe the talent that you both have with a camera! We often look at the pics and ask ‘who are those people’???? The photos of the wedding and engagement bring us back to those incredible moments every time we glance. We are thrilled that you were able to capture the best days of our life so vividly.

You two are incredible people beyond what you do for a living. We are very fortunate to have met you both and hope that we are in a position to refer business your way – and hopefully have occasion to use your services again!

Best Regards, Tom (and Kristi!)

The pics are amazing!!!!! In the few pics David and I saw, we are left speechless!!! I can't wait to see more!!!

BTW: We are on the cruise ship and just had to get on the internet to see if some teasers were up and you did not disappoint...It is soo worth paying .50 euros a minute (lol) to see our pics... Thank you to you and your husband and your team. You guys are the best!!!!

xoxo Tati and David

I can't even begin to thank you for capturing the most beautiful images of the happiest day of my life! We absolutely adore each and everyone of the photographs; I don't know how we'll choose the ones for our album. My parents were so impressed by how the photos conveyed the love and happiness that we felt that day...not to mention the blast we had at the reception, you even got my Tia Helen doing the Stanky Leg!! Haha! It was such a pleasure to have you and your hubby, Jesus, with us on our wedding day. You both made us feel really comfortable - it was easy to "give it" to your cameras! My favorites are definitely the ones from our shoot after the ceremony - so incredible and so much fun!

Ok, I'll stop rambling now...I'll just say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! With love, Michelle & Phillip Suggs
To Martha and her staff,

Maybe imitated but will never be duplicated! This is how we truly feel about UDS. Once we walked into your studio we knew we wanted no one else to take our photos, but seeing them come to life as you did, WOW! This is beyond anything we have ever seen. Thank you so much for your attention to every detail and making us feel so "relaxed" during the shoot. Truly the best!

Chris & Regina

Good Morning Martha!!!!

There are not even words to describe the insanity in these photos!!!!!!!! We are completely blown away!!!!! We have had an amazing time shooting with you and Jesus and have developed a connection that is clearly demonstrated in the photos. We are excited for you and your hubbie to be the ones to capture these moments for us and cant wait for more to come!! First we have to have the children, but you will definitely be a part of there lives too!!!

I just wanted to take a moment and send you, Jesus, Jacquie, and Oli our love for helping make our wedding day amazing. Your talents, skills, personalities, and love for your work and for us made it such a wonderful experience and joyful event. From the first time we walked into the office till now the whole UDS family has been amazing. Everyone at the reception loved Jesus and Jacquie and they ADORED, and when I say adored, I mean, Arleen and I must have received easily over 100 comments about how much they loved the mattes and the photos that were in them (props to you and Jacquie). That's was a brilliant idea.

Thank you as well for connecting us with Leo, he was a blessing in disguise and Arleen and I appreciate your opinion and recommendation of actually getting a videographer and he made the whole process just as easy. Like I said I will keep it short but I just wanted to say thanks.

Love, Arleen and Chris

Thank you so much for the gorgeous engagement photos and save the dates! I have had literaly dozens of people ask me, "who is your photographer, I have to use her!"

Thanks again, we are sooo happy! Andrea Lora

Read all of our Wedding Photography Reviews at Weddings, Wedding Cakes,  Wedding Planning, Wedding Checklists, Free Wedding Websites, Wedding Dresses, Wedding Ideas & more